Sunday, February 1, 2009

Month of Love!

Woohoo! Well, I'm in love 24-7, 365. With someone or something for that matter. My hubby, kids, family, photo, camera gadgets, tv shows, shoes, ideas...SOMETHING. I actually use the expression "I love it" at least once a day. For real, I do. Anyways, I decided to try my hardest to blog every single day in the month of February about the things I love, and maybe a little bit of my random day. So, today I begin with THE MAN OF MY DREAMS. The LOVE OF MY LIFE. MY BABIES DADDY! MY SUGAR DADDY!(I could just go on, and on, about this guy, I should stop lol). You guys get it, I LOVES ME MY IRVING! I enjoy spending time with my husband. He makes me laugh. He makes me think. He helps me reason. He makes me feel sexy. He encourages me. He believes in me. He completes and compliments me. He is a wonderful example for my kids and I and I 'm truly proud to call him my husband. I LOVE HIM!

This is a Honeymoon Pic. Look how young, thin, and innocent I look! (I'm no longer none of the

I dedicated this song (Way I Am) to him a while ago. It so reminds me of us. Enjoy!

Stay tuned, more serious, silly, and random love stuff to come!


Ady said...

What a beautiful post. You should print it out and make a layout. Your kids will totally appreciate it when they are older. HUGZ

Anonymous said...

Oh how special. I am proud to say you are my sis. I love all this mushy stuff.


Anonymous said...

awww...BEAUTIFUL!!! And what are you talking about; you still look the same :-)a bit tanner but we can work on that this summer :) Evy

Sharon said...

I know the felling and it's AWSOME. I get EVERY word you said :) We are lucky women :) God is GOOD!

Maritza said...

I agree with Ady, it would make a beautiful LO.

Damaris said...

Yup...he's a keeper.