Thursday, November 6, 2008

Top of the morning to ya!

(That was for you Emmi). Well, so far I've had a wonderful morning. I walked my baby girl to school and stopped by the park for my little man. The weather is soo beautiful. Nice and cool. At the park I ran into an older couple with their granddaughter. They were the cutest thing. They were Asian and I just totally fell in love with them. They didn't speak any english but they were so sweet. The gentleman saw Caleb and I walking towards the park and he walked all the way from the opposite side of the park to come open the gate for us. Who does that? That was just really nice. Their granddaughter was not even a year old and they were just letting her be a little girl. She was playing with sand, and they were sitting down in the sand with her. I tell you, I just wanted to pick them all up and bring them home with me. Very nice way to start the morning.

My Caleb is so adorable. We get to bond a little more while Alyssa is in school. Today at the park, he went on the slide, and then on the swing...this time for just a few minutes. Then he ran off to a little horse that's there. I sat on a swing and swung myself while I watched him on the horse. (Side note, felt like a kid on the swing and loved it. I'm trying to do more things with and like the kids. Irv's usually the one that acts like a kid with them...athletic wise. It really is fun and it helps me feel younger and alive). Anyways, back to Caleb. He was having so much fun on the horse. While moving back and forth on it he turned around and tells me "look at me mami". When he saw me on the swing, he suddenly stopped what he was doing, climbed off his horse, and ran to me. I asked him "what happened papi?" and he tells me "nothing, I need to push you on your swing". AWWW! How cute is he? I let him "TRY" to push his momma. He felt so important! Que chulo mi nene! Well, then we came home, I came to the office and he grabbed a Cars puzzle to work on in the living room. He put half the puzzle together then left the "sally" part of the puzzle for me to "play with" as it so cutely put it. I can just eat that little boy up!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ran into this old pic of Irving and I (taken on our 5th year anniversay in '05). Started messing around with it and thought I'd post it...just because I love this man! He's my cheerleader in all I do. Que lindo mi macho!

Yup, that's it...randomness or what?

Oh yeah...I voted today. Hope everyone who qualified did the same. Took me a whole 20 minutes-Woohoo! Thanks to all those early voters!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Card Samples (Continued)

Wow! I have had a great response with these mini sessions! I've been super busy and I'm super excited with it all. Now, don't have many time slots left however there's still time! Now, a little something for those who have already booked or planning to book a session...if you refer someone for a Christmas mini session, I will give you an 8x10 collage using some pics from your session. Hurry though...time is running out!

Remember, deadline for these sessions is November 15.