Friday, February 27, 2009


Guess what I did today other than run around like a crazy lady? I was pleasently surprised by my dad with a home video taken almost 14 years ago. It was the actual moment where my dad surprised me with my very 1st car ever. He gave it to me on Christmas day 1995 at my grandma's house. I had no idea he had that on video. It was so exciting. I had forgotten so many details of that day. For instance, that I had to search the whole house for clues like a scavenger hunt. The final note said "this is where you wash clothes". At that time, the washer machine was in the garage in my grandma's house. So, I went into the garage looking for the next clue. The paper in the washer said "turn around" and there was my Honda CRX, right next to my aunts car (which was disguising it when I walked in the garage). That was such a special moment, the day of the video and watching it all over again. I cried in the video...and in real life. So many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles were in it. My mom had super long hair. My daddy's hair was so black! All my cutie patootie sis and my bro were there. My Oldest niece wasn't even a year old...she was so cute! It was so fun to watch. I tell you, this just motivated me to take more video of the kids. I take more picture of them than any human should be allowed but not much video and I know that they will appreciate if I do both. They will definetly have more pics than video though...sorry, that's just how it is! I encourage you to capture more of lifes special moments on video. A decade from now you will be so glad you did!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


-The smell of rain
-My moms Pasteles & Alcapurria's
-The way my daughter saves stuff for her dad
-Florida's "cold" weather
-The way my son speaks
-Ferrero Rocher chocolates
-When my children share what they've learned with me
-That my daughter trust me
-Having money to shop
-My nieces and nephew
-Our new car
-Our old van
-Our Laptop
-My girl friends
-Paris Blues Jeans
-Jeans that fit
-My stomach (on my honeymoon)
-My sons smile
-Good hair days
-A clean house
-That my husband is neat
-Teaching my sunday school class
-My husbands cologne (kenneth cole BLACK)
-Dancing with my kids
-That my daughter likes to watch Rachel Ray and knows her by name

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My tummy has been feeling a little funny today. Hoping it has nothing to do with what Alyssa has. Didn't really eat much today so I asked Irv to pick up some fruits on his way home. Mainly for Alyssa but, I REALLY wanted some raspberries. That is my absolute favorite fruit in the whole wide world (Strawberries second). They are soo yummy! Guess who else likes them? My kids. They like them as much as I do. That's good with the exception that they are so expensive and that little container doesn't bring much. So, guess what I do? I buy them and eat them in the car before I go in the house! lol! I know I'm horrible but I do save them a few. I buy strawberries and grapes all for them. They can have all those but if I walk in that house with my raspberries, I have to split it 3 ways, and maybe 4 if Irv is home and well, 4 bucks for 6 raspberries...heck no! I'll stick to my sneaking around!

What's your favorite?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's been a long couple of days. Ms. Alyssa has been sick with what started off as a cold and ended up as a stomach virus of some sort. Sick kids usually mean long days and sleepless nights, and you all know how much I love my sleep. I'm tired but...I think it's almost over. She's kept her food down but still not eating much. Trying to keep her hydrated with plenty of liquids. Yesterday she had fever so I gave her some medicine. It gave her some energy. She shortly sat up and said "mom, I haven't watered my gandules and flowers". She got her little sick self up and went outside to water her little garden in her PJ's. It was the only time she actually got out of bed or off the sofa all day so i was happy to see her feeling a little better, even if it only lasted an hour or so. I love my children, regardless if they are healthy or not. Healthy just makes my life easier :)

Little man helping his sis with the gardening...

Little man taking over the gardening!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Sorry, I was missing in action...but I caught up!

Love Day#23 MARY

Today is my biggest, I mean my eldest (I'm in trouble regardless how I put it) sister's birthday...Damaris aka "Mary". Happy Birthday My Love...
I love you because you're you.
I love you because you've changed.
I love you because you encourage me to give unselfishly (like our mom).
I love you because you're fabulous.
I love you because you think of others.
I love you because you're always attempting to get our crazy family together.
I love you because you're so creative.
I love you because you're an awesome business woman.
I love you because you're so determined.
I love you because you dream big.
I love you because you put your family first.
I love you because you love my crazy little family.
I love you because you gave me Richard as a brother in law.
I love you because you encourage me to "shake it off".
I love you because you get over my tantrums pretty quick.
I love you because you respect me, even though I'm younger.
I love you because you're a faithful friend (I see it).
I love you because you're 10 years older than me and that will always make me younger;)
You're just fabulous! Muah!

(Click here to visit her blog)

I jacked that picture from her blog...taken by Suzie!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love Day#22 MY SLEEP

Oh yes, all who know me well know that about me. I love to sleep in! If I were a teenager again, I so would sleep in til 11:00 am...que rico! Don't know if that makes me a loser or not but whatever, it's not like I can do that anymore. God gave me kids and corrected that little bad habit of mine. Whenever I do get to sleep in, I feel so guilty about it and think about what I could've accomplished with those couple extra hours. There's just no winning with me. I'll have my time again when the kids are older, Irv's retired, and my hip replacement is healing (that way I won't feel guilty)! Any other lazy butts out there? Don't leave me all alone...there have to be more of us! Everyone can't wake up at the crack of dawn with the roosters like my mom, dad, bro, and sisters! Anyone?

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Too soon to pick a favorite, but I just like watching. Well, maybe not...I think I do have a favorite, Danny Gokey. Like his voice and yeah, I fell for the whole wife dying thing. Very sad and well...he's also a cutie. Let's see what happens?

Who's your favorite?

Friday, February 20, 2009


"So who the heck is this" is probably what you're wondering. This here my friends is Dr. Gary Smalley, my favorite author and speaker on family relationships. I came to know about this wonderful man many, many years ago, while visiting a christian book store with my hubby (don't remember if we were married yet). We were looking for some sort of daily couples devotional book and came across 2 very interesting books: "For Better or for Best" (Understanding your Husband) and "If He only Knew" (Understanding your wife). They were two very semi-thin paper back books that I felt I could definitely invest some time in (wasn't much of a reader back then). That book was so interesting to me, I read it in 2 days. I loved it, it basically helped me understand my man a little more. Why he does, or doesn't do the things he does, or doesn't do. It also gave me an insight on how my actions can affect him. I really loved it. From there, I've been a fan. We've read many other books and actually use one of his first couples study material called "Making Love Last Forever" with the married couples at our church. I just really like how he breaks it down. He's real and most important he ties it all to our relationship with the Lord which ultimately should be the foundation of a marriage. If you're interested in seeing more of his materials click here. Anyways, just wanted to share a little about some of my readings. My favorite topic to read on: Marriage, motherhood, and photography. In case you were curious...hee-hee.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love Day#19 COCA COLA

What else is there to say? There's nothing like it! I really got hooked with my first pregnancy. I would get so sick and the only thing that would make it go away was a little bit of coke. My daughter came out just fine so no need to send me any "are you crazy" messages. I love coke so much, I don't keep any in my house. It wouldn't last more than a day. I only treat myself when I go out and lately not even cause I know it's not the best thing for me sure is the best bad thing for me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love Day#18 HOT BATHS

Okay, this is serious for me. I LOVE BURNING HOT BATHS! It's my little getaway from it all. I usually take my baths late in the evening to help me relax. Most of the time my kids are tucked in bed, watching a movie, or under dad's watch. It's my favorite me time ever. I take more baths then showers. Even when I'm short on time I try and squeeze that bath in there, however if I'm really short on time, I'll take a quick shower and sometimes another bath at night. I told you it's serious. It's just soo relaxing and breath taking and soo...ooow aaaw-ish. We redid our master bath a couple years back and my hubby got a whirl pool, just for me, cause he knows it would be put to use. Its deep and just perfect. Que rico...wish I could take a bath right now but it's the middle of the day and that's so not happening. Are you a shower or bath person? It really doesn't matter, as long as you wash often, I'm just curious;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLATE! It is my ultimate favorite of all! Italian is not my favorite dish but this Macaroni Grill plate is out of this world. When it comes to Pasta I'm a white saucey type of girl, not crazy about marinara but I'll eat it. Why do I do this to myself? I'm not going anytime soon and I'm not only writing about it but searching thru pictures of it. My stomach is burping (as Alyssa would put it, lol gotta love her)! Anyone had it before? What's your favorite restaraunt meal?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Day#16 DAYS OFF

I love it when my hubby has the day off. Regardless of the reason, it's a holiday for me. Love the idea of knowing he could sleep in a little longer. Love knowing he won't lose two hours of his day stuck in traffic. Love the idea that I get to have adult conversation with him, longer than 15 minutes, before 6:00 pm. Love hearing him run around the house playing "tagget...your it" with Caleb. Love seeing him find a new spot to hide from the kids during hide and seek (he's getting really good with that, I have a hard time finding him sometimes). I, we, just love it when he's home!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Day#15 FAMILY

I love my family. Regardless of our ups and downs and emotional outburst...I know we love each other. Coming from a family of 7 (Dad, Mom, 4 gals, and 1 guy) there are a lot of disagreements, misunderstandings, hurt feelings and all that stuff but, I must say that there are a lot of great this weekend. My aunt, her hubby, some cousins, and their kids joined us on this weekend and we really had a nice time. On saturday (Valentines day) we did a little hanging around on the land, some driving around, and at night went to a carnival (no, not the fair I mentioned before...we missed it again). The kids were able to get on some rides and let out some of that energy. They had fun and the grown ups had fun watching them. My sis Damaris gave all the kids a valentines shirt that said "LOVE" on it and they all wore them all day long. Very cute. All in all, it was a very cool way to spend valentines day.

Darling family (this goes for siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, inlaws, and anyone else who feels like family). , I love you all very much. We may not have a "perfect" family but I sure am proud to have you all in mine. You all bring joy to my life in one way or another. You have all helped me become who I am in one way or another. I thank you all for loving me and being a part of my life. I love you more than I might say. Muah!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Day#14 GOD

So, today is Valentines Day and believe it or not I thought this out very well from day one. Day one I posted about my hubby and how much I love him. So, today you might think I'm going to write about him again...I are not. Today is a day many people choose to express their love to one another and attempt to make them feel special (good luck to everyone out there). I don't necessarily knock that. I love it when people are nice and love each other, however, I don't think it should be the ONLY day for that, especially to those we truly love so side note here: show the love all year long. K?

Now, today I dedicate this post to the one who is love. To the one who loves me regardless of how unfaithful and imperfect I am. To the one who gave me the life that I have and the ability to love. The one who gave his life for me so that I can have eternal life. The one who created the heavens and the earth and all in between. To GOD. He is my reason for living. My reason to better myself and be the best I can be so that I can be a living testament to his love, and mercy. He's bigger than my words can ever paint him out to be. I love you...with all my heart, my soul, my mind. I love you.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, and all your mind. Mathew 22:37

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Day#13 MASSAGE

I LOVE MASSAGES! But in particular my husband's massages. In my book he truly gives the best massages. He went to school for it back in the days when we were youngens. It's not his full time job (he's a financial specialists) but he gets a client call every now and again to remove some knots from here and there. It's just the pressure he applies is just perfect! He's taken me to get massages for special ocassions at really nice and well known spa's and although they felt good they did not live up to his. Maybe it's because I like Super Deep Tissue massages. I'm not one of those "sobame" chicks". I want to feel it! Now, it doesn't mean he's like that with everyone. He usually establishes the amount of pressure each client wants. Now, to answer your question, I don't get a massage everyday, nor every other day, nor every week for that matter. Lets just say every now and then. Now, on special occassions he'll take out his massage table and it's on! I'm asleep for at least an hour! Woohoo, my birthday is coming up soon. I must put in a special request!

Still feeling kinda sick today. Got to my parents land around 11:00 pm last night. My parents were waiting up for us, they headed up at the beginning of the week. We didn't sleep out in the tents today. My parents had our beds ready in the RV they have there. I must say, I did not have a good night. I got fever and felt so disoriented during my sleep. Thank God it was nice and cool, that part was great! I REALLY need a massage from hubby but I won't bring it up because he's not feeling to hot himself and might ask me for one...I HATE GIVING MASSAGES! (Shh, don't tell him).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Day#12 CAMPING

Hello there beautiful people. I hope you have all had a great day thus far. I however have been running after my nose all day. I've got a cold :( It has not kept me from doing what I had to do, like packing for 3 (hubby does his own packing). We're leaving camping for the weekend at my parents land in Clewiston (yay). As I've mentioned before, I love going there. It's so relaxing and just different from the norm. We are actually trying to make it to a small town fair that they have every year. We've been looking forward to it for a couple years now but, missed it last year so...we're gonna try it again. My parents neighbors in Clewiston have a small farm and some of their animals will be competing so it makes it even more interesting for us and the kids. They (the neighbors) let the kids feed the animals during their feeding time and well, you can imagine how they just love that. Can't wait. I feel horrible but I'm still excited. So, with all this said I must excuse my absence from the blogging world for the next couple of days. I'll be writing out my thought and "my loves" but won't be posting again til sunday night, monday the latest so...don't miss me to much. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day! (All pics of our last camping trip)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I really love what I do. I love seeing how a family or person goes from being a little shy and somewhat uncomfortable in front of the camera to totally enjoying it, posing, and asking "what about one like this"? It makes my day and I feel like I've done my job. However, what I love even more is when WOMEN fall in love with their own shot. Not the hubby's or the kids, but themselves. I get such joy when I hear them say, "OMG, I love this picture of me". Maybe it's because I'm a woman myself and I know how critical we can be of ourselves. "Look at my hair, my brows, my nose, MY FACE", while everyone else is saying how nice we look. While I was working on my portfolio (still adding to it actually), I liked to target people who don't like to take pictures. It was a bit challenging but, I did it for a reason. I want to show people that we can all be photogenic. EVERYONE. I use to be one of those people who did not like how I came out in photos. Hated them. Now, I don't mind a picture or two. Actually, I would love to be in pictures, but most of the time I'm behind the camera. I try and get a shot of me every now and then but anyways, that's another post. I feel that my attitude towards pictures changed because I learned how to pose. We all have our problem area, whether it be our nose, thighs, skin, hair...whatever, most of us have it. Now, there are ways for minimizing those areas so that it is not the first thing you see when you look at that photo. I had to figure it out the hard taking pictures of myself. It was all trial and error, but I figured how to work with my problem area. Many times we think we're minimizing by hiding it, and it just makes it more obvious. For instance, big thighs-wearing baggy clothes, teeth-not smiling, skin-too much make-up. All these things just draw more attention to that area. Just understand, whatever it may can still look great in a photo. Life is too short and precious for us beautiful women to be hiding behind a camera all the time because we think we don't look good.

I'll end this post with a photo tip that I like to share with my family and friends. When someone is taking a picture of you, especially a close up, do not look at the camera straight on. It makes your face look flat and wide, your face loses some dimension. Angle your face slightly, left or right, doesn't matter. Notice I said slightly, don't give them just one side of your face. Hope that helps. I promise to elaborate more on this in a future post (not in february). Now go take some pictures ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Day#10 Whatchamacallit

Oh yes! My favorite candy bar ever! It's the whatchamacallit. Yum, I love it! This Peanut-Flavor Crisp candy topped with a layer of caramel and dipped in chocolate has a name and a taste that's hard to forget! That is straight out Hershey's advertisement. I remember when they use to make it without caramel, it was still my favorite. Almost gave it up because they added the caramel (1987...yes I looked it up) but...I got use to it. Ever had one? Can you believe a lot of people have never heard of it? Maybe its just the young generation, like my nephew. He thought I was pulling his leg when I told him that was my favorite candy bar. He eventually believed me and guess what he did? That very weekend, he went to the store and bought one for himself and one for his cutie patootie titi (that would be me)! Isn't that cute? Well, he likes it too, but don't think its his favorite. So...what's your favorite?

Monday, February 9, 2009


I can't say enough about those two. What I feel for them cannot be described by just "LOVE". I saw them today for a few hours (should've been just a few minutes but there is no such thing as drive by visits and the abuelos house). Mom insisted we went in because Caleb was thirsty. Forget it, within 5 minutes of me being there she had offered me a sandwich, soup, soda, coffee, and I don't remember what else. That's my mom for ya! Dad automatically takes me to the backyard to show me his newest Orchid that is growing in his collection and to ask me some questions about his computer. I love going over there. Now that they are retired we're at a different level in our relationship, and I love it! I admire them in so many different ways and I pray that God allow me many many many more years with them, and them with us. Dad is at that stage where he wants to talk about the "unexpected" if you know what I mean and well, you know none of us want to hear about that but I just take it as he wants us to be well informed of his assets. He's so cute. Me being the joker that I am, it's hard to have a strictly serious conversation and well, when he's talking about that "stuff" he doesn't react well to my humor but whatever...I'm still silly. That's how I break the tension, as I've mentioned before. I'm looking forward to the weekend. We'll be going to their land and I always enjoy those moments. Bonding with them. Watching them bond with the kids. Laughing with them. Watching them laugh with the kids. Fighting with them. Watching and laughing them as they fight with the kids. It's priceless I tell you...priceless! I just LOVE those two!

(Both top and bottom photo from our last family "camping" trip)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Day#8 Cold Stone Monkey Bite

YUMMY! They don't actually have it on the menu anymore but I have the ingredients memorized and my hubby and I still order it! It's sooooo good! Just had some friday night and I really wish I could have some now but...ain't gonna happen so I'll just relive the memory! So tell me peeps, what's your favorite Cold Stone or any other ice cream flavor for that matter? Oh, just in case your curious here's what's in the monkey bite:

Banana Ice Cream
Nestle Crunch pieces
Shredded Coconut
Almonds (orginally came with walnuts but, don't like).

Que Rico!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I love my alone time. Problem is...I don't get much of it but, when I get it I'm in heaven. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids however, they can drive me wild sometimes. Lately has been a little rough for me. I recently went to the doctors because I was getting very dizzy. Little by little it was getting worse and nausea was added to the symptoms. I don't do well with nausea. So, decided after 2 weeks of that, it was time to go to the doctor. To make a long story short, I have Vertigo. Doesn't that sound like a cell phone company? Or a club? Or even a drink? Anyways, I'm not dying or anything. I need to some exercises that will help me with my balance and I have to take some medication that makes me sooooo drowsy, even if I take it at night. It rolls over to the next day and that just really isn't good for me. I'm home with my kids all day and well, naps aren't possible. Pretty much, this sucks. This dizziness, nausea, and now problems focusing well is taking a toll on me, but I'm trying to hang in there! So, all that to emphasize on my alone time, or lack of it. I could really use a couple days off from my normal routine. For now, quick trips to the restroom, my sacred baths at night, and bedtime will have to do! My day will come! Pray for my kids safety! lol...til tomorrow!

Pic of me taken! Gotta love self timers. "Is she really using the toilet?" I guess you'll never know!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Finally, my hubby and I got to see Fireproof tonight. We had been wanting to see it since it came out in the theaters but it just never happened. We heard very good things about the movie and were really looking forward to watching it so when we heard that the youth group at our church was going to be watching it tonight, it was perfect. I really, really, really liked it. Oh wait, it's love month...I LOVED IT! Really, I did. There were some very touching moments in it. I tried really hard not to cry. I was trying to be tough, but, I'm a girl. I cried. Guess who else cried? No, not Irving...Alyssa! It was so cute. Irv kept checking to see if I was crying, he always does that whenever there's a touching moment in a movie, and for the record yes, I usually am crying. There was this one scene where I was trying really hard not to cry, and he turned towards me and asked me "are you crying" and I said "nope"...cause I wasn't. Then, we saw Alyssa wipe her cheek (she was sitting between us). We both looked at her and she said "What? Water's coming out my eye. I'm serious. For real". It was so funny. As if she was trying to hide it or something. That's the second time this week my little 5 year old gets emotional while watching tv/movies. That girly emotional side of her is waking up. How cute. Anyways, back to the movie. It was really good. If you haven't seen it yet, go rent it, awesome message. It's about a couple that's about to get a divorce but with the guidance and advice of certain people in their lives, one of them attempts to give it one last chance. It also encourages a relationship with God which I think is key in a marriage. And that's all I'm going to say in case you haven't seen it yet. Great family movie.

Now for a little piece of my day. Honestly, I feel like I spent my whole day in the Dermatologist office today. Well, I mean by the time I got the kids ready, fed them, drove to the office, waited a little over an hour in the waiting area and then another little while in the actual room, and drove back was already 4:15 pm. Alyssa and I were soo tired. I attempted to nap but Caleb was not sleepy what so ever. He kept coming in the room to make sure I was awake...little booger. I really wanted to sleep. But all in all, it was a good day. They behaved so well at the office. Kids will be kids but for the most part, so well behaved! Every now and then (after about 45 minutes of waiting) they would say, "Is it our turn yet? This is boring!" They just voiced out my thoughts, lol. The appointment was for Alyssa. We're trying to figure out what is causing some rough itchy patches on her legs. We've been dealing with this since september with her pediatrician but finally were referred to the Dermatologist. He says he wants to try and treat it with some medicine for 2 weeks before doing a biopsy. Don't know what that entails but I know he really doesn't want to go that route so, I'll be praying and applying the cream as directed. This is it for now, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Day#5 Sincerity

To be free of deceit, hypocrisy, or falseness. To be genuine. To be pure. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. I love and appreciate when people are sincere. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it's edifying. Sometimes it's liberating. Sometimes it's silly. Sometimes it's surprising. Sometimes it's humorous. Regardless, I love it. I feel valued to know that someone took the time to be real with me. Actually, I feel special to know that they trust me enough to say "you know what, I know we're cool, that's why I need to be honest with you". Now, don't get me wrong, there have been moments where people have "shared" things with me that have left me with the "No you just didn't say that" taste in my mouth. I'd call that type of sharing something else, not sincerity. But I won't spend too much time on negative stuff's love month, and I want to share the love if you know what I'm saying. So yeah, not only do I like it when others are sincere with me, I love being sincere with others. When I share with others, I want it to be free of deceit, hypocrisy, falseness. I want my words to be genuine and pure. That's my intent whenever I open my mouth to speak. Notice I said INTENT. Sometimes, I allow stress to get the best of me and BLAH! Whoa, there it went. Most of the time I catch myself and apologize, but this part here is totally off the topic and I'm still paying my therapist for these sessions (lol, that there be a joke). Man, it's hard to be serious sometimes. Where was I going with all of this? Ah yes. I was about to thank all those sincere people who do so to better a situation, or maybe a relationship. All those who's true intent is to edify or restore. All those who do it in love. Thank you. Seriously, Thank you.

Now, there you have it. I never knew my little ole blog could be so amusing to so many of my friends and family but guess what? It is! I've gotten several emails asking me when I was going to post todays "love post". How special is that? Also, I have been told that I went from loving on my hubby and kids, then my camera? Hello! Don't you people know me? It's hard for me to be serious for to long. I need humor to break the tension. PLUS! I said in the bottom of my first love post that I would be sharing more "serious, silly, and random love stuff". Come on people, stay with me here! Lets keep up. From the looks of it my audience likes the mooshy and sentimental stuff so, I'll try and post more of those but, they can't all be mooshy. Too much moosh is just...mooshy!

Hasta tomorrow!

OH WAIT! Shout out to my little niece Ms. Evelyn! Today is her 8th Bday. She is in Orlando celebrating with Mickey so you know she's not missing us one bit! I love you Eveliny! Thank you for being the most entertaining little girl in my life. I wish you love, joy, and health today and always. God Bless you mamasita.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Day#4 MY CAMERA

*Photo taken by Tio Gus. (Thanks Man!)

You've been so good to me! I've learned so much with you. You were given to me because of my passion and interest in taking pictures but now, it's so much more than that. I Love that you're always my learning process, while chilling with the kids and hubby, special and important occasions, and the "real deal" shoots! You are so faithful and perform excellent under pressure. I love how you're so easy to get along with (easy to use). Because of this, I'm dedicated to your family girl (I'm a Canon girl!). You're just the bomb, and I'm not the only one who thinks so friends and family like you too! We definetly have one thing in of us are very rare (I had to hunt this one down)! We're always capturing the moments, but at least we're together! I love you girl!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love Day#3 CALEB

(Isn't this a perfect McDonalds ad?)

I love your little boy accent (comeo-come here, Alitha-Alyssa, thoop-soup, Ding-thing).

I love your random hugs, kisses, and "mommy, I love you's".

I love how you dress yourself.

I love that you never leave the house without a cap...that matches.

I love how you recite the "Larry Boy" cartoons.

I love how you think praying for your meal is only necessary when the food is hot.

I love how you annoy your sister by repeating everything she says (you're good at that game).

I love that you go to sleep early.

I love how you play with cars and trains.

I love how your respond to "You're so cute" or "You're so silly"..(I'm not silly, I'm Caleb).

I love how you play with Jayla and Crystal (Alyssa's imaginary friends).

I love how you laugh when Papi tickles you.

I love that you want to be a football player when you grow up (because that's what Papi watches).

I love how you protect your sister..."You don't hit my sister!"

I love how you like to cuddle.

I love your special request for your red pillow and daygo (diego) blankie when you want to chill on the couch and watch cartoons.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Love Day#2 ALYSSA

I love that you pose for me when I want to take a picure of you.

I love how you make up songs when you're playing alone in your room.

I love how you take care of your brother (most of the

I love how you adore your Papi.

I love the words you make up to call people when your upset (meaner, ruder, whatever with you).

I love that you love going to church.

I love how you pray.

I love your make pretend friends (Jayla & Crystal, they're family already).

I love that you're crafty.

I love that you enjoy being with family.

I love how you like to help me around the house.

I love your sense of style.

I love how you dance.

I love your love for gardening.

I love that you like watching the discovery channel.

I so love each and every hug and kiss you give me. Can't get enough of them!

I love your smile (even more now that you have a missing tooth).