Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where have I been?

Really? It's been a while since I've blogged. At first I was just really busy but a little discouraged due to some stuffasis I are! And with lots to say but I will make it quick cause...I'm tired. Okay, where to start? Well, I decided about 5 weeks ago to grab my weight gaining issue by the horn and do something about it. I started eating healthier, following the South Beach Diet, and well...drum roll please...I've lost 10 pounds! I have a lot more to go but it feels good to see my stomach and waist area smaller. I feel soo good! I'm not even suffering, I'm eating well and enjoying it. I do however miss one thing and one thing only...PIZZA! That's my weakness but I'm doing good. It does not control me, it just makes my mouth water everytime I think about it! Next, I'm working on lots of indoor projects lately. I finally got my indoor lighting kit a few weeks back and have been having so much fun with it! It's very different from natural light photography but I'm really liking it. I was also blessed by a special group of woman a few weekends ago who got together with me for a belated scrapbook bday party. Really, it was just an excuse to get together with my gal pals and have adult conversation without kids! Not only did we have fun but they pitched in and helped me buy some backdrops and other photography misc as their gift to me. Thank you so much girls...that was unexpected and very much appreciated! I've been very busy with booking and editing sessions but I cannot and will not complain. I'm seriously happy! There's more but, we'll leave it for another post. Thanks for stopping by and checking me go check out my photography blog HERE!

Seriously, stay tuned and get ready to tell your friends and family to check out my blog for details on a FREE photo shoot!

And just because a post with no photo is's yet another picture of Alyssa. And no, I don't have a favorite...Caleb just doesn't like taking pictures when I want to. He's a special case that one ;)