Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stay Tuned...

Working on my photography blog. Hoping to have it set up by January 1, 2009! Wish me lots of time and patience!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday BFF (Emily)

Today is my dearest best friends birthday, Emily! She is my favoritest gal ever. She and I just click and I consider myself so privileged to have her in my life. We've known each other forever but we became very close during some difficult times in each others lives and well, the rest is history. Going on close to 10 years of being besties, I must say she makes my life brighter, funnier, emotional, funnier, better, funnier, and did I mention funnier? She really is a funny girl (can I get an amen from those who know her)? There's never a dull moment when we are together (especially now that we're moms). We finish each others sentences, cry together, laugh together, act like we're fighting in the supermarket (or anywhere else for that matter lol), tap people we don't know on the shoulders and act like we never did (okay, so that's more her and Irving who get a kick out of that, and they're pretty good at it too lol), and so many other special, fun, and immature things that we do that make our friendship over the top and just plain wonderful! We should grow up but...why? She even married my husband's cousin just so that our kids could be related! JUST KIDDING! (She really married you for love Lex)! Anyway Emmi, I love you more than this silly little blog can ever express to you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and may this 28th year of life bring you more beautiful and special moments. God Bless you today and always mi amiga...MUAH!

Friday, December 12, 2008

As promised...

Well, I would've had a post sooner however, our household is fighting a combination of stomach viruses and ear infections. Not to fun for mom (who got sick first) nor dad (who is trying to stay healthy while taking care of us all).

Okay, back to fun stuff. As promised here are some pics of "Cinderella's Party". We really had so much fun. Alyssa loved it! Til this day (almost one week later) she keeps saying "I loved my party Mami". That alone made it worth everything. Well, for those who weren't there, this is how it went down. First of all, she got the most fantabulous Cinderella dress ever (thanks to a mutual effort between her aunties and some coupons). She hung out in her regular hang out clothes at the beginning of the party until she had a big enough crowd. Then, we snuck her to a room where all her fabulous cousins dressed her up. It was so much fun! Then, we snuck her out thru the window for her grand entrance. Guess what her daddy did for her? He built her the cutest carriage (using our bike stroller as the base). It turned out soo nice! I was very impressed. He hand sewed most of it, my man has skills thank you very much! Anyways, he attached our rocking horse to the front of it and then a rope to that. Alyssa's little brother Caleb sat on the horse while dad pulled them both in. It was really special. Her face was priceless. I remember her telling me "mom I'm nervous". It was so funny. After her grand entrance, she got off her carriage and welcomed her guest to her ball! It was perfect. We then ate great food, and that carriage Irving made turned out to be a hit at the party. Every little princess (and prince) wanted a ride on the thing. They pushed each other all over that yard and had a blast...and it even stayed in tact! Who needs a bounce house when you have a hand made carriage? The kids had so much fun! My BFF Emily took care of the games for me. They played musical chairs, pin the slipper on cinderella, and tug-o-war. It was really cool. While running around here and there, I could hear all the kids screaming and cheering, it was really a nice feeling. We sang happy birthday, cut the cake, and at the very end Alyssa insisted on opening her gifts before EVERYONE left. There was a small group left so we were good. That was funny, I was actually hoping to do that when we got home but she had other plans. To sum it all up...it was wonderful feeling celebrating the big FIVE for our princess. Thanks again to everyone who helped in making it possible!

Here's a slide show of the pics...there were so many pics. I barely held my camera that day. Thanks to all those who took pics and sorry if we didn't catch everyone who went. The slide is soo out of order but it took an eternity to download and would've taken another chunk of time that I don't have to rearrange. If you click on the slide show you can see it bigger. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It was Perfect!

I'm soo tired yet so very happy with our little-big girl's 5th bday party. We all had such a great time, starting with her and ending with mom and dad. I promise to make the next post all about the party but I just wanted to send out some "Thank You's" to all those who helped us roll this party out. Here we go (hope I don't forget anyone):

Titi Mary and Tio Richard: Thank you for opening the doors to your home and for all your enthusiasm during the planning, during the party, clean up, and after party! Titi Mary, your goodie bags are just the GOODIEST and your pork...FORGET ABOUT IT! Off the chain!
Titi Bethsy: For that last minute request to the super that totally saved my day and after party clean up...you rock!
Titi Emmi: For all the decorations, help with the games, pictures, and clean up. (Hope you're feeling better...you're the best!)
Tio Richie: Bro, you're the bomb! Thanks for bringing me those chairs,and transporting my hubby and the princess' wonderful "Chariot"!
Abuela Margo: You're arroz con gandules is the best! Gracias por TODO!
Abuela Lela: You're chicken was a hit! Thanks for always willing to help.
Titi Laly: You're the best DJ and videographer ever! Can't wait to see the video.
Purita: You missed out on the coffee, and it was good! Thanks for sticking around and cleaning up. I love you!
Jacqueline: Thanks for getting the kids ready for me. HUGE help! Love you!
Elijah: Thanks for helping me with the chairs and set up! Love you!
Jazmyne: Thanks for helping the bday girl get purty! Loved the pictures! Love you!
Eveliny: You looked adorable! Thanks for putting the final touch on Ms. Alyssa! (Her crown)I love you!
Noemi: Thanks for coming early to help! That was unexpected and very sweet! Love you (OMG! that dress!)
Titi Jackie and Tio Jon: Thanks for the drinks! Can't tell you how much that helped! Love you!
And last but most definetly not least, My wonderful and adorable husband for all your help, and for building that totally funtastic wagon-majiggy that turned out to be the life of the party. You are so creative and so loved by us all! Muah!

Also, thank you for all those who made a sacrifice to "squeeze in" some time and join us for the party. That really meant a lot to us. I love you (you know who you are).

Okay, I so hope I'm not forgetting anyone and if so, please forgive me...I'm beyond exhausted!

And I leave you with the last sighting of the Birthday girl...

I think she enjoyed herself!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My 5 Year Old Princess

Today our beautiful little girl turns five! Very exciting day for everyone here in the Bonilla residence. Ms. Alyssa woke up calling me "Mami, come here!" I ran to her room, jumped into bed with her, and gave her a million kisses while saying happy birthday to her. She had the most beautiful (and smelly) smile ever! Then, she happily asks "Mami, am I five yet?" How cute is that? She was so anxious to turn 5! I Wonder why kids are so anxious to grow up? There must be something they see in our grown up lives that they like. It seems like just yesterday that I had a similar conversation with my daddy. I was about 15 and I was talking to him about how anxious I was to be of age to get a job. I remember him asking me why i wanted a job. I was like "duh dad! To have my own money so I can buy my own stuff!" He then told me not to be in such a rush to grow up, "One day you're going to wish you didn't have to work nor buy your own stuff" he said. How true those words! (Love ya dad).

So yes, we'll be taking it easy today with Ms. Alyssa and then we'll party hardy on Saturday. She wanted a Cinderella theme party and I loved the idea...because she is our little princess! Was originally going to do something small and simple however, we have wonderful family and friends that "just don't do simple nor small" (their words). I promise to post on the party and will post lots of pics.

I've had many wonderful blessings in my life and my Alyssa is definitely one of them. She has taught me more than I ever expected to learn from a child and I'm so grateful. Wish I could keep her a little girl forever but I know someday we'll have a conversation that will end up something like this "Baby girl, don't be in such a rush to grow up because one day you will be wishing you were still in bed with mommy breathing your beautiful smelly smiles at me asking me "am I five yet?"

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