Saturday, December 6, 2008

It was Perfect!

I'm soo tired yet so very happy with our little-big girl's 5th bday party. We all had such a great time, starting with her and ending with mom and dad. I promise to make the next post all about the party but I just wanted to send out some "Thank You's" to all those who helped us roll this party out. Here we go (hope I don't forget anyone):

Titi Mary and Tio Richard: Thank you for opening the doors to your home and for all your enthusiasm during the planning, during the party, clean up, and after party! Titi Mary, your goodie bags are just the GOODIEST and your pork...FORGET ABOUT IT! Off the chain!
Titi Bethsy: For that last minute request to the super that totally saved my day and after party clean rock!
Titi Emmi: For all the decorations, help with the games, pictures, and clean up. (Hope you're feeling're the best!)
Tio Richie: Bro, you're the bomb! Thanks for bringing me those chairs,and transporting my hubby and the princess' wonderful "Chariot"!
Abuela Margo: You're arroz con gandules is the best! Gracias por TODO!
Abuela Lela: You're chicken was a hit! Thanks for always willing to help.
Titi Laly: You're the best DJ and videographer ever! Can't wait to see the video.
Purita: You missed out on the coffee, and it was good! Thanks for sticking around and cleaning up. I love you!
Jacqueline: Thanks for getting the kids ready for me. HUGE help! Love you!
Elijah: Thanks for helping me with the chairs and set up! Love you!
Jazmyne: Thanks for helping the bday girl get purty! Loved the pictures! Love you!
Eveliny: You looked adorable! Thanks for putting the final touch on Ms. Alyssa! (Her crown)I love you!
Noemi: Thanks for coming early to help! That was unexpected and very sweet! Love you (OMG! that dress!)
Titi Jackie and Tio Jon: Thanks for the drinks! Can't tell you how much that helped! Love you!
And last but most definetly not least, My wonderful and adorable husband for all your help, and for building that totally funtastic wagon-majiggy that turned out to be the life of the party. You are so creative and so loved by us all! Muah!

Also, thank you for all those who made a sacrifice to "squeeze in" some time and join us for the party. That really meant a lot to us. I love you (you know who you are).

Okay, I so hope I'm not forgetting anyone and if so, please forgive me...I'm beyond exhausted!

And I leave you with the last sighting of the Birthday girl...

I think she enjoyed herself!


Ady said...

Oh, my I'm so sad I missed out on the great time. Alyssa, happy belated birthday and I'm so happy that you had a wonderful day. I'll see you soon with a little goodie we bought you. Hugz...

Damaris said...

Yup...that was a fun day. I'm so glad that we were able to pull of a happy day for our little girl. All the little girls looked so beautiful! Grand day.

Anonymous said...

Dear titi margie,
I just saw your blog and I love it. Alyssa looks so cute and you pick the best songs. I heard the story of what happened to the little girl. It was heart breaking. Well, love ya.