Sunday, August 30, 2009

No excuses...

I'm not going to sit here and waste time explaining why i've been such a bad blogger. I just have been, but, I have missed it. If my mind would have some sort of connection to the internet, not only would I have a post for every day, I'd have various daily post. It would be awesome! That hasn't been invented yet but you watch, it will be. That would be kinda freaky though. Anyways, so much has been going on lately. Briefly, school started this past week and although we didn't have the whole first day of school set up, we have been very excited around here. I continued on homeschooling with Ms. Alyssa and just started with Caleb. It's been quite an adventure. Alyssa is no jokes when it comes to school work. Gimme my work, what do I have to do, and she's working. Caleb on the other hand, gets "tired" quickly. Tries to get away with picking and choosing what he wants to do on his work sheets. Yeah, he's special that boy of mine. He's doing very good though. I'm really impressed with his writing. Hasn't done much of the tracing (alphabets) and he's already writing almost all his letters on his own. Alyssa is also doing great. Writing and spelling words out like blanket, block, black, flow, flag, and flashlight (I was impressed with that one). I'm really enjoying my time with them. Some people have asked me "how do you have the patience to homeschool", and well, I don't really know what to say. Not that I really think of myself to be an extremely patient person but, since we (the hubby and I) decided to do this, I have to give it my all and be on my best behavior. lol. I truly am enjoying being there as they grow intellectually. I'm like "wow, my kids ARE smart"! lol. I love those two. Okay, I'm sure not everyone is interested in my homeschooling my children so...I will move on. Um, oh yeah, my darling hubby and I celebrated our 9th year of Marriage on August 12...woohoo! Nothing fancy nor smancy this year. We had a lot to do around the house so we just hung out (he was on vacation that week), and I enjoyed every minute of it. That weekend we were able to have some alone time and just, hung out some more. We did make it to the movies, saw G.I. Joe... loved it. I have absolutely no pictures to document those days but...they were great! I really need to get me a point and shoot camera. I'm missing out on a lot of everyday shot because I don't want to carry around my big ole Canon. I'm using that one mainly for my photography biz which by the way is going GREAT! I'm soo excited with all that has been going on and feel so blessed to be able to do what I love and call it a "job". It's just an awesome feeling. Well, I gotta go put my monsters to sleep but a post is not a post without pictures so, here i leave you with special "spa treatment" from my children. (They insisted, and I gave in).

And yes...this proud momma wore these sandals out to Target with her toes "AS IS" and even went to celebrate her best friends hubby's birthday that night with her crazy toes. My kids were proud, can't say that for my hubby and friends though! lol.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This one's for you!

Alyssa: Mom, where's Caleb's Tuxedo?
Mom: his closet, why?
Alyssa: Nevermind.

10 Minutes later...

Forget about it. I had to stop what I was doing and shoot away. They actually requested it, and that's not usual. It is for my daughter, but not my son. They made my day!

I've had many people mention that I've been lost in the blog world but when the HUSBAND actually brings it up, you know it's been a while. So, this one's for all who missed me! Promise to be back soon. No, for real!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My baby the Graduate...

Seems like just yesterday I blogged about her first day of school (click here for that). Well, tomorrow is her last day of school! My big girl. She's so excited. She has her pre-k graduation on friday. I already rented the limo and the photographer will be here by 6:00 pm. HA! Just kidding. She will ride her little buns in our 2007 honda civic and her hot momma is her photographer. BAM! Will post pics and details this weekend on all our crazies. Thanks for stopping by! she comes!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where have I been?

Really? It's been a while since I've blogged. At first I was just really busy but a little discouraged due to some stuffasis I are! And with lots to say but I will make it quick cause...I'm tired. Okay, where to start? Well, I decided about 5 weeks ago to grab my weight gaining issue by the horn and do something about it. I started eating healthier, following the South Beach Diet, and well...drum roll please...I've lost 10 pounds! I have a lot more to go but it feels good to see my stomach and waist area smaller. I feel soo good! I'm not even suffering, I'm eating well and enjoying it. I do however miss one thing and one thing only...PIZZA! That's my weakness but I'm doing good. It does not control me, it just makes my mouth water everytime I think about it! Next, I'm working on lots of indoor projects lately. I finally got my indoor lighting kit a few weeks back and have been having so much fun with it! It's very different from natural light photography but I'm really liking it. I was also blessed by a special group of woman a few weekends ago who got together with me for a belated scrapbook bday party. Really, it was just an excuse to get together with my gal pals and have adult conversation without kids! Not only did we have fun but they pitched in and helped me buy some backdrops and other photography misc as their gift to me. Thank you so much girls...that was unexpected and very much appreciated! I've been very busy with booking and editing sessions but I cannot and will not complain. I'm seriously happy! There's more but, we'll leave it for another post. Thanks for stopping by and checking me go check out my photography blog HERE!

Seriously, stay tuned and get ready to tell your friends and family to check out my blog for details on a FREE photo shoot!

And just because a post with no photo is's yet another picture of Alyssa. And no, I don't have a favorite...Caleb just doesn't like taking pictures when I want to. He's a special case that one ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Photography Blog

Check it out HERE. Finally!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've been bad...

with the blogging situation. I think writing for the whole month of February sucked my creative writing part of my brain totally dry. Not only have I been a little lazy with it but...our internet has been giving us issues lately. Whenever I'm in the mood to doesn't feel like working. I'm actually not home right now which is why I'm posting away. I'll post again this week with something more interesting. Promise. Here I leave you with pics of my beautiful little mermaid. Isn't she cute? (Thanks Titi Mary). Shadows were drivng me crazy but she was telling me what to do. She demanded a photo shoot and I was all over it! (She posed her self, promise)!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Woohoo! 32 and loving it! I feel so blessed! I have had one awesome day and a half so far. I won't go into too much detail because I'm so tired but, it really was soo perfect. To start off, thanks to a very special person (you know who you are) that gifted me babysitting services for the weekend in order for me to have some me time which truly made a difference. I love you! So, my totally fantabulous husband started off the morning with his surprises. I was totally clueless what he had up his sleeve. He totally surprised me with a couples pampering at The Setai Spa in Miami Beach. Talk about BEAUTIFUL! It was breath taking. Even if the massages totally would've sucked, which they didn't, the view and amenities would've made up for it...absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to "our people who know people" for making this possible. You totally hooked my man up. Check us out...

I didn't want to leave but...the day had to go on. We went for lunch at The Knife at the Grove and just hung out the rest of the afternoon. It was perfect. No kids and a bunch of uninterrupted conversations and laughs. I love my children dearly but I so needed this time off...God knows! Plus they were in good hands and didn't miss me at all. Well, I ended the day with my best friend Emily (sorry, no pics of that). She treated me to pizza at Sir Pizza which by the way has a new location off lejeune and 40th St (there pizza is so yummy). We caught up on girl talk and laughed til we could barely breathe. I couldn't have asked for a better day! Tomorrow is another fun day in store for the birthday girl...I'm free til tonight so, I must take advantage! Thank you to all those who text or called to wish me a happy birthday. You all made me feel special! Tomorrow I'll post a pic of the awesome shoes my mom bought me. TOO COOL! Muah!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Bethsy

Happy birthday my darling sister. I hope you enjoyed your day and felt as special as you truly are. Thank you for being who you are and for loving me regardless of my faults. I admire you more than I tell you, and you still love me! That's just cool. Thank you for always being there for me (in every way) and for being such a caring and giving person (in every way). I look forward to our birthday celebrations together. I will get more personal in the "butterfly" project I showed you. If I write it all out now...I'll lose journaling material. I love you!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Guess what I did today other than run around like a crazy lady? I was pleasently surprised by my dad with a home video taken almost 14 years ago. It was the actual moment where my dad surprised me with my very 1st car ever. He gave it to me on Christmas day 1995 at my grandma's house. I had no idea he had that on video. It was so exciting. I had forgotten so many details of that day. For instance, that I had to search the whole house for clues like a scavenger hunt. The final note said "this is where you wash clothes". At that time, the washer machine was in the garage in my grandma's house. So, I went into the garage looking for the next clue. The paper in the washer said "turn around" and there was my Honda CRX, right next to my aunts car (which was disguising it when I walked in the garage). That was such a special moment, the day of the video and watching it all over again. I cried in the video...and in real life. So many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles were in it. My mom had super long hair. My daddy's hair was so black! All my cutie patootie sis and my bro were there. My Oldest niece wasn't even a year old...she was so cute! It was so fun to watch. I tell you, this just motivated me to take more video of the kids. I take more picture of them than any human should be allowed but not much video and I know that they will appreciate if I do both. They will definetly have more pics than video though...sorry, that's just how it is! I encourage you to capture more of lifes special moments on video. A decade from now you will be so glad you did!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


-The smell of rain
-My moms Pasteles & Alcapurria's
-The way my daughter saves stuff for her dad
-Florida's "cold" weather
-The way my son speaks
-Ferrero Rocher chocolates
-When my children share what they've learned with me
-That my daughter trust me
-Having money to shop
-My nieces and nephew
-Our new car
-Our old van
-Our Laptop
-My girl friends
-Paris Blues Jeans
-Jeans that fit
-My stomach (on my honeymoon)
-My sons smile
-Good hair days
-A clean house
-That my husband is neat
-Teaching my sunday school class
-My husbands cologne (kenneth cole BLACK)
-Dancing with my kids
-That my daughter likes to watch Rachel Ray and knows her by name

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My tummy has been feeling a little funny today. Hoping it has nothing to do with what Alyssa has. Didn't really eat much today so I asked Irv to pick up some fruits on his way home. Mainly for Alyssa but, I REALLY wanted some raspberries. That is my absolute favorite fruit in the whole wide world (Strawberries second). They are soo yummy! Guess who else likes them? My kids. They like them as much as I do. That's good with the exception that they are so expensive and that little container doesn't bring much. So, guess what I do? I buy them and eat them in the car before I go in the house! lol! I know I'm horrible but I do save them a few. I buy strawberries and grapes all for them. They can have all those but if I walk in that house with my raspberries, I have to split it 3 ways, and maybe 4 if Irv is home and well, 4 bucks for 6 raspberries...heck no! I'll stick to my sneaking around!

What's your favorite?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's been a long couple of days. Ms. Alyssa has been sick with what started off as a cold and ended up as a stomach virus of some sort. Sick kids usually mean long days and sleepless nights, and you all know how much I love my sleep. I'm tired but...I think it's almost over. She's kept her food down but still not eating much. Trying to keep her hydrated with plenty of liquids. Yesterday she had fever so I gave her some medicine. It gave her some energy. She shortly sat up and said "mom, I haven't watered my gandules and flowers". She got her little sick self up and went outside to water her little garden in her PJ's. It was the only time she actually got out of bed or off the sofa all day so i was happy to see her feeling a little better, even if it only lasted an hour or so. I love my children, regardless if they are healthy or not. Healthy just makes my life easier :)

Little man helping his sis with the gardening...

Little man taking over the gardening!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Sorry, I was missing in action...but I caught up!

Love Day#23 MARY

Today is my biggest, I mean my eldest (I'm in trouble regardless how I put it) sister's birthday...Damaris aka "Mary". Happy Birthday My Love...
I love you because you're you.
I love you because you've changed.
I love you because you encourage me to give unselfishly (like our mom).
I love you because you're fabulous.
I love you because you think of others.
I love you because you're always attempting to get our crazy family together.
I love you because you're so creative.
I love you because you're an awesome business woman.
I love you because you're so determined.
I love you because you dream big.
I love you because you put your family first.
I love you because you love my crazy little family.
I love you because you gave me Richard as a brother in law.
I love you because you encourage me to "shake it off".
I love you because you get over my tantrums pretty quick.
I love you because you respect me, even though I'm younger.
I love you because you're a faithful friend (I see it).
I love you because you're 10 years older than me and that will always make me younger;)
You're just fabulous! Muah!

(Click here to visit her blog)

I jacked that picture from her blog...taken by Suzie!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love Day#22 MY SLEEP

Oh yes, all who know me well know that about me. I love to sleep in! If I were a teenager again, I so would sleep in til 11:00 am...que rico! Don't know if that makes me a loser or not but whatever, it's not like I can do that anymore. God gave me kids and corrected that little bad habit of mine. Whenever I do get to sleep in, I feel so guilty about it and think about what I could've accomplished with those couple extra hours. There's just no winning with me. I'll have my time again when the kids are older, Irv's retired, and my hip replacement is healing (that way I won't feel guilty)! Any other lazy butts out there? Don't leave me all alone...there have to be more of us! Everyone can't wake up at the crack of dawn with the roosters like my mom, dad, bro, and sisters! Anyone?

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Too soon to pick a favorite, but I just like watching. Well, maybe not...I think I do have a favorite, Danny Gokey. Like his voice and yeah, I fell for the whole wife dying thing. Very sad and well...he's also a cutie. Let's see what happens?

Who's your favorite?

Friday, February 20, 2009


"So who the heck is this" is probably what you're wondering. This here my friends is Dr. Gary Smalley, my favorite author and speaker on family relationships. I came to know about this wonderful man many, many years ago, while visiting a christian book store with my hubby (don't remember if we were married yet). We were looking for some sort of daily couples devotional book and came across 2 very interesting books: "For Better or for Best" (Understanding your Husband) and "If He only Knew" (Understanding your wife). They were two very semi-thin paper back books that I felt I could definitely invest some time in (wasn't much of a reader back then). That book was so interesting to me, I read it in 2 days. I loved it, it basically helped me understand my man a little more. Why he does, or doesn't do the things he does, or doesn't do. It also gave me an insight on how my actions can affect him. I really loved it. From there, I've been a fan. We've read many other books and actually use one of his first couples study material called "Making Love Last Forever" with the married couples at our church. I just really like how he breaks it down. He's real and most important he ties it all to our relationship with the Lord which ultimately should be the foundation of a marriage. If you're interested in seeing more of his materials click here. Anyways, just wanted to share a little about some of my readings. My favorite topic to read on: Marriage, motherhood, and photography. In case you were curious...hee-hee.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love Day#19 COCA COLA

What else is there to say? There's nothing like it! I really got hooked with my first pregnancy. I would get so sick and the only thing that would make it go away was a little bit of coke. My daughter came out just fine so no need to send me any "are you crazy" messages. I love coke so much, I don't keep any in my house. It wouldn't last more than a day. I only treat myself when I go out and lately not even cause I know it's not the best thing for me sure is the best bad thing for me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love Day#18 HOT BATHS

Okay, this is serious for me. I LOVE BURNING HOT BATHS! It's my little getaway from it all. I usually take my baths late in the evening to help me relax. Most of the time my kids are tucked in bed, watching a movie, or under dad's watch. It's my favorite me time ever. I take more baths then showers. Even when I'm short on time I try and squeeze that bath in there, however if I'm really short on time, I'll take a quick shower and sometimes another bath at night. I told you it's serious. It's just soo relaxing and breath taking and soo...ooow aaaw-ish. We redid our master bath a couple years back and my hubby got a whirl pool, just for me, cause he knows it would be put to use. Its deep and just perfect. Que rico...wish I could take a bath right now but it's the middle of the day and that's so not happening. Are you a shower or bath person? It really doesn't matter, as long as you wash often, I'm just curious;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLATE! It is my ultimate favorite of all! Italian is not my favorite dish but this Macaroni Grill plate is out of this world. When it comes to Pasta I'm a white saucey type of girl, not crazy about marinara but I'll eat it. Why do I do this to myself? I'm not going anytime soon and I'm not only writing about it but searching thru pictures of it. My stomach is burping (as Alyssa would put it, lol gotta love her)! Anyone had it before? What's your favorite restaraunt meal?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Day#16 DAYS OFF

I love it when my hubby has the day off. Regardless of the reason, it's a holiday for me. Love the idea of knowing he could sleep in a little longer. Love knowing he won't lose two hours of his day stuck in traffic. Love the idea that I get to have adult conversation with him, longer than 15 minutes, before 6:00 pm. Love hearing him run around the house playing "tagget...your it" with Caleb. Love seeing him find a new spot to hide from the kids during hide and seek (he's getting really good with that, I have a hard time finding him sometimes). I, we, just love it when he's home!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Day#15 FAMILY

I love my family. Regardless of our ups and downs and emotional outburst...I know we love each other. Coming from a family of 7 (Dad, Mom, 4 gals, and 1 guy) there are a lot of disagreements, misunderstandings, hurt feelings and all that stuff but, I must say that there are a lot of great this weekend. My aunt, her hubby, some cousins, and their kids joined us on this weekend and we really had a nice time. On saturday (Valentines day) we did a little hanging around on the land, some driving around, and at night went to a carnival (no, not the fair I mentioned before...we missed it again). The kids were able to get on some rides and let out some of that energy. They had fun and the grown ups had fun watching them. My sis Damaris gave all the kids a valentines shirt that said "LOVE" on it and they all wore them all day long. Very cute. All in all, it was a very cool way to spend valentines day.

Darling family (this goes for siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, inlaws, and anyone else who feels like family). , I love you all very much. We may not have a "perfect" family but I sure am proud to have you all in mine. You all bring joy to my life in one way or another. You have all helped me become who I am in one way or another. I thank you all for loving me and being a part of my life. I love you more than I might say. Muah!