Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's been a long couple of days. Ms. Alyssa has been sick with what started off as a cold and ended up as a stomach virus of some sort. Sick kids usually mean long days and sleepless nights, and you all know how much I love my sleep. I'm tired but...I think it's almost over. She's kept her food down but still not eating much. Trying to keep her hydrated with plenty of liquids. Yesterday she had fever so I gave her some medicine. It gave her some energy. She shortly sat up and said "mom, I haven't watered my gandules and flowers". She got her little sick self up and went outside to water her little garden in her PJ's. It was the only time she actually got out of bed or off the sofa all day so i was happy to see her feeling a little better, even if it only lasted an hour or so. I love my children, regardless if they are healthy or not. Healthy just makes my life easier :)

Little man helping his sis with the gardening...

Little man taking over the gardening!


Damaris said...

So glad she is feeling better. can't stand it when the kids are sick. I hate seeing them so helpless!!! She is just adorable and little man is delicious!!!