Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Day#12 CAMPING

Hello there beautiful people. I hope you have all had a great day thus far. I however have been running after my nose all day. I've got a cold :( It has not kept me from doing what I had to do, like packing for 3 (hubby does his own packing). We're leaving camping for the weekend at my parents land in Clewiston (yay). As I've mentioned before, I love going there. It's so relaxing and just different from the norm. We are actually trying to make it to a small town fair that they have every year. We've been looking forward to it for a couple years now but, missed it last year so...we're gonna try it again. My parents neighbors in Clewiston have a small farm and some of their animals will be competing so it makes it even more interesting for us and the kids. They (the neighbors) let the kids feed the animals during their feeding time and well, you can imagine how they just love that. Can't wait. I feel horrible but I'm still excited. So, with all this said I must excuse my absence from the blogging world for the next couple of days. I'll be writing out my thought and "my loves" but won't be posting again til sunday night, monday the latest so...don't miss me to much. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day! (All pics of our last camping trip)


Anonymous said...

awww...have fun!!! The kids are going to the fair with my parents this weekend too!!!! Have lots of fun and take lots of pics!!
Love, Evy
Hope you feel better!!!

Damaris said...

I see the pics and it reminds me of what a great time we had...I can't wait for to join you...see you tonight!!!

Ady said...

I love that last picture of all of you... Can't wait to see the pics of this trip. Happy Valentine's Day...