Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Day#10 Whatchamacallit

Oh yes! My favorite candy bar ever! It's the whatchamacallit. Yum, I love it! This Peanut-Flavor Crisp candy topped with a layer of caramel and dipped in chocolate has a name and a taste that's hard to forget! That is straight out Hershey's advertisement. I remember when they use to make it without caramel, it was still my favorite. Almost gave it up because they added the caramel (1987...yes I looked it up) but...I got use to it. Ever had one? Can you believe a lot of people have never heard of it? Maybe its just the young generation, like my nephew. He thought I was pulling his leg when I told him that was my favorite candy bar. He eventually believed me and guess what he did? That very weekend, he went to the store and bought one for himself and one for his cutie patootie titi (that would be me)! Isn't that cute? Well, he likes it too, but don't think its his favorite. So...what's your favorite?


Anonymous said...

Girl, I am here starving and here you are showing candy. Your killing me! My fave candy bar would have to be a twix (does that count as a candy bar). Candy would be Peanut M&Ms.


Balou said...

That's so funny... that used to be my favorite candy bar, too! But I hate caramel, so I stopped eating it when they added the caramel. My favorite now is Butterfinger.

Anonymous said...

my fave is 100 grand, and after that twix. i like the caramel, so maybe i should try the whatchamacallit!

Sharon said...

Hungry? Why wait? Grab a snickers, my favorite!
I have to try this one, it sounds GOOD :)

Damaris said...

I used to love that candy bar...until they added the caramel...funny. My favorite is snickers and m&m's...both are tied...just depending on the mood.