Monday, February 9, 2009


I can't say enough about those two. What I feel for them cannot be described by just "LOVE". I saw them today for a few hours (should've been just a few minutes but there is no such thing as drive by visits and the abuelos house). Mom insisted we went in because Caleb was thirsty. Forget it, within 5 minutes of me being there she had offered me a sandwich, soup, soda, coffee, and I don't remember what else. That's my mom for ya! Dad automatically takes me to the backyard to show me his newest Orchid that is growing in his collection and to ask me some questions about his computer. I love going over there. Now that they are retired we're at a different level in our relationship, and I love it! I admire them in so many different ways and I pray that God allow me many many many more years with them, and them with us. Dad is at that stage where he wants to talk about the "unexpected" if you know what I mean and well, you know none of us want to hear about that but I just take it as he wants us to be well informed of his assets. He's so cute. Me being the joker that I am, it's hard to have a strictly serious conversation and well, when he's talking about that "stuff" he doesn't react well to my humor but whatever...I'm still silly. That's how I break the tension, as I've mentioned before. I'm looking forward to the weekend. We'll be going to their land and I always enjoy those moments. Bonding with them. Watching them bond with the kids. Laughing with them. Watching them laugh with the kids. Fighting with them. Watching and laughing them as they fight with the kids. It's priceless I tell you...priceless! I just LOVE those two!

(Both top and bottom photo from our last family "camping" trip)


Sharon said...

I don't know what's up with Blogger but everytime I've come to your site in the last couple of days it DID NOT show me you had updated....arrrrrgggggg I missed some many LOVE DAY post!!!! Well, I better catch up and read now that I actually see them on my computer!
SO glad you have such a great relationship with your parents...that is PRICELESS!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes I love your blog as well!
Hope to see you some day soon! :)
Lots of hugs!

Sharon said...

I mean the last post I read was "Happy Birthday to Pura" OMG! Blogger is playing with my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrrrrrrrrggggg

Anonymous said...

I love those viejos. Now you made me miss them even more. Since today would have been my day to be with them and they are not even here. So looking forward to this weekend...

Anonymous said...

I love this Picture watching my Grandpa acting like a kid. Jazmyne

Damaris said...

Marge, I love my viejos too. They are the best. I just can't imagine my life without them...they are just amazing people.