Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love Day#3 CALEB

(Isn't this a perfect McDonalds ad?)

I love your little boy accent (comeo-come here, Alitha-Alyssa, thoop-soup, Ding-thing).

I love your random hugs, kisses, and "mommy, I love you's".

I love how you dress yourself.

I love that you never leave the house without a cap...that matches.

I love how you recite the "Larry Boy" cartoons.

I love how you think praying for your meal is only necessary when the food is hot.

I love how you annoy your sister by repeating everything she says (you're good at that game).

I love that you go to sleep early.

I love how you play with cars and trains.

I love how your respond to "You're so cute" or "You're so silly"..(I'm not silly, I'm Caleb).

I love how you play with Jayla and Crystal (Alyssa's imaginary friends).

I love how you laugh when Papi tickles you.

I love that you want to be a football player when you grow up (because that's what Papi watches).

I love how you protect your sister..."You don't hit my sister!"

I love how you like to cuddle.

I love your special request for your red pillow and daygo (diego) blankie when you want to chill on the couch and watch cartoons.



Anonymous said...

Too creative. For real though, you are going to kill me with all these emotional stuff. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Above Comment left by Bethsy.

Anonymous said...

Awww, how cute!!! I "love" that picture... :-) Evy

Emily Ramos said...

i looooovvveeee that picture of caleb my Godson....he's sooooo cute..

Ady said...

I agree with Bethsy... You blog post this week are full of emotion and love... I'm teary eyed. He's so cute.

Anonymous said...

what a little man =) he's growing up too fast!
p.s. this is what i was reading when you called me!.. creepy.. lol

Maritza said...

God bless your little man.

Damaris said...

Oh how I LOVE MY FAVORITE NEPHEW...he's my little man!!!