Friday, February 27, 2009


Guess what I did today other than run around like a crazy lady? I was pleasently surprised by my dad with a home video taken almost 14 years ago. It was the actual moment where my dad surprised me with my very 1st car ever. He gave it to me on Christmas day 1995 at my grandma's house. I had no idea he had that on video. It was so exciting. I had forgotten so many details of that day. For instance, that I had to search the whole house for clues like a scavenger hunt. The final note said "this is where you wash clothes". At that time, the washer machine was in the garage in my grandma's house. So, I went into the garage looking for the next clue. The paper in the washer said "turn around" and there was my Honda CRX, right next to my aunts car (which was disguising it when I walked in the garage). That was such a special moment, the day of the video and watching it all over again. I cried in the video...and in real life. So many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles were in it. My mom had super long hair. My daddy's hair was so black! All my cutie patootie sis and my bro were there. My Oldest niece wasn't even a year old...she was so cute! It was so fun to watch. I tell you, this just motivated me to take more video of the kids. I take more picture of them than any human should be allowed but not much video and I know that they will appreciate if I do both. They will definetly have more pics than video though...sorry, that's just how it is! I encourage you to capture more of lifes special moments on video. A decade from now you will be so glad you did!


Sharon said...

How fun! I wish I had some old family videos...all I got are some pics! I bet you'll treasure that forever!

Anonymous said...

Dear titi Margie,
I love the pictures you took of Alyssa in her little mermaid outfit. Also, next time you go to the spa take me. I could use a break from school. Lol. Just Kidding. Although it would be nice to go. Love ya.