Monday, February 2, 2009

Love Day#2 ALYSSA

I love that you pose for me when I want to take a picure of you.

I love how you make up songs when you're playing alone in your room.

I love how you take care of your brother (most of the

I love how you adore your Papi.

I love the words you make up to call people when your upset (meaner, ruder, whatever with you).

I love that you love going to church.

I love how you pray.

I love your make pretend friends (Jayla & Crystal, they're family already).

I love that you're crafty.

I love that you enjoy being with family.

I love how you like to help me around the house.

I love your sense of style.

I love how you dance.

I love your love for gardening.

I love that you like watching the discovery channel.

I so love each and every hug and kiss you give me. Can't get enough of them!

I love your smile (even more now that you have a missing tooth).



Ady said...

Great list... TFS...I'm so excited that you'll be blogging everyday... I'm a fan.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. How wonderful. So emotional

Anonymous said...

Above Comment left by Bethsy.

Anonymous said...

lovely post <3
she's so beautiful.. and she lost a tooth! i'm missing out =(
love ya!

Maritza said...

She is gorgeous!

Damaris said...

That little girl is not only beautiful outside but she shines through and through....she's a doll!