Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love Day#22 MY SLEEP

Oh yes, all who know me well know that about me. I love to sleep in! If I were a teenager again, I so would sleep in til 11:00 am...que rico! Don't know if that makes me a loser or not but whatever, it's not like I can do that anymore. God gave me kids and corrected that little bad habit of mine. Whenever I do get to sleep in, I feel so guilty about it and think about what I could've accomplished with those couple extra hours. There's just no winning with me. I'll have my time again when the kids are older, Irv's retired, and my hip replacement is healing (that way I won't feel guilty)! Any other lazy butts out there? Don't leave me all alone...there have to be more of us! Everyone can't wake up at the crack of dawn with the roosters like my mom, dad, bro, and sisters! Anyone?


Damaris said...

Sorry, I open the crack at dawn...
HA,ha,hA, sis.

Sharon said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE sleeping in....the more, the better! LOL
Oh, and what I don't do because I'm sleeping, I do at all hours of the night because the night is my friend! :)

Janeris said...

Sorry I enjoy waking up at 7am on saturdays. Not to mention I'd probably go to sleep at 3-4 am the night before. I'm young I can still do that! AHAHA! I feel extremely guilty if I wake up late. Sucks for my tired, sleepy-head husband. (Actually it sucks for me, cause he doesn't want to be interrupted in the mornings. lol) And I don't even have kids. That's how I know I'll be just fine when the little ones come.