Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Two days in a row! Impressive or what? Well, I've had a somewhat interesting day today. Some would say stressful however, don't like to use the blog world to depress or unmotivate anyone so...we'll leave it at interesting! I've been working on SDUI's main june kit and I'm 99% done. I had done the layouts however, the tricky part for me are picking my photos! That's what makes a page for me! I take forever to pick the pictures I want to use because, well, I take a zillion photos. It's like trying to pick your favorite family member. You like them all (ok...a bit of a stretch but whatever)! Anyway, I chose to do the kit on my nieces. I have 4 beautiful little and not so little-young girls that I'm blessed to call my nieces. They are beautiful and very special to me, which is why I chose to make them my highlight this month. I'm hoping to be totally done with the layouts by tomorrow so check out span > soon to view the june kit and my idea layouts. Its late but my night is far from over so, I should say good bye but, not without showing off my cutie patootie girls first!

Good night and God Bless!


Ady said...

Your layouts are so beautiful... I loved every single one of them. Those photos are too cute too. Have a good week.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Oh, how adorable are they! Cute pics! Great job on the layouts... love your ideas :-)