Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So much to say...

What an exciting weekend and past couple of days! Lots of exciting stuff happening in the Bonilla residence. Well, it all started on the weekend. Irv (my Hubby) and I had purchased a play yard for the kids about 3 months ago (yeah...I know, took us a while). We had been wanting to get one since Alyssa turned 2 or so but, the money was never there. Well, back in march we got a heck of a deal thru Toys r us and we made a sacrifice considering Alyssa will be five soon and Caleb 3. If we wait too long...they'll have no need for the darn thing. Okay, so we knew it was going to be an all day and possibly days thing so we needed to plan accordingly. The past couple of months have been packed with things on the weekend so...this one was perfect. Babe (my hubby, hee-hee) started working on it early saturday morning. He actually started preparing the back yard early last week but started assembling saturday. His parents came to help us out later in the evening. They worked til about 9:oo p.m. They picked up again Monday morning. Finished assembly around 1:00. Then, Irving and I kept working on the "decor" part if you want to call it that. We bought mulch, sand, sod, and soil for the finishing touches. Our backyard is really not that big, but Irving wanted to give Alyssa a garden area so that's just what he did. He did most of the work...and I'm so proud of him! He's an awesome dad, but that's a totally different post! Anyway, the kids absolutely love it back there. They are there first thing in the morning and evening, and every chance they get. Irv is loving it to! He's been out there everyday with them. They're so happy which makes me...very happy!

Stay tuned for a special post on a special person in my life!


Ady said...

Wow, it turned out great. They are going to really enjoy the heck out of that. Your previous post is beautiful. Please wish Irving a happy belated birthday from me.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl just checked out ur blog!!! Wow that's nice...It came out really cute!!!Give a bunch of kisses to Princess Alyssa and Prince Caleb oops I almost wrote Jacob No lie!!! ya!
D to da S