Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm back!

It's been a while! Haven't blogged since my mom's bday...whoa! Well, I've been pretty busy around here. Summer's here and well, my niece (Jacqueline) stayed over for more than a week. I kinda felt special! She stretched that week out as long as she could, but it had to come to an end today. I had a nice time with her though. She helped me out with the kids a lot while I did some cleaning. Thanks for all your help Jacqueline! Love you!

Anyways, lots has happened since my last post. On Saturday June 28, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a scrap booking class at a Teen Challenge womens center in Broward. Teen Challenge is a faith based residential recovery program for substance abusers. Our church is one of their many sponsors. During their last visit, scrapbooking came up in one of the conversations with the ladies. After seeing how interested they all were, I spoke with one of the leaders and penciled in a date. I was very excited and wanted to share this opportunity with my 2 oldest nieces. I thought they'd enjoy it. I also went along with 2 other special girls from my church (Emily, my best friend and partner in crime, and my other good friend Mizz Keziah). We truly had a nice time. It felt really good to be able to give of my time to people who really appreciate it. I felt blessed. We have another trip planned and my group is very eager to go back! Love it! Well, I'm sure you all would love to see pictures however, due to privacy issues we couldn't take pictures so...instead I'm including a strip of photos we took at the mall where we ate lunch after the class (Southland Mall...Sal's Pizza YUMMO!) We had fun!

Will talk and post pics of my fun 4th of July in my next post! Soon, I promise!


Damaris said...

Gosh, so glad you are back. So happy you had a good time at the Teen Challenge event. It's amazing how good it is to help people. Glad you were able to take the girls. Catch ya' later.

Ady said...

I also love to see the interest in people wanting to learn about scrapbooking. I'm happy you all had a great time. I can't wait to see your layouts using the July kit.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

How wonderful that you all took the time to teach and spend time with these women. Those pics are so awesome and funny!!! Glad you had a great time!!!

Oh, and I'm glad you checked out the 10 Reasons post and the link to that "why I scrapbook" article. Wasn't that great? HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun! I'm also glad we were able to do this, and I'm thankful for all your great ideas!