Friday, October 17, 2008

I should soo be sleeping...

But I'm not. I'm up doing things that I didn't have a chance to do during the day. My heart is broken people! My baby has been hurt. No not Irving. No not Alyssa. No not Caleb. It's my third child. Do you guys know who I'm talking about? It's my camera! For all those who REALLY know me know that I treat my camera like a third child. Every where I go I count, 1,2, and 3 (Alyssa, Caleb, Camera). I Never leave home without it (okay, almost never but when I do leave it, I hide it incase someone breaks in...I'm serious). I barely carry a purse anymore, I carry a camera bag. She's a big part of my life ('s a she, someday I'll name her). Anyways, what had happened was...I went to the park yesterday with all 3 kids (ha!) to fly their kites. I couldn't really take pictures of that because I was kinda busy keeping the kites up in the air. (Side note, I hadn't messed with a kite in forever...more than 20 years, and I have to was fun! Kids kept saying "mom, let ME fly the kite". Sorry kids, mom got a little carried away). Okay yes, back to the camera, so...after we finished with the kites I took them to the playground. Now was the time for me to bond with the third child, HOWEVER, something wasn't quite right. Camera was on, button was being pressed but nothing was happening. I messed around with it and still nothing. My happy mood was so gone by then I just wanted to go home. Once I got home, I switched the lens and came to the conclusion it was the lens I had on it (my favorite lens) and not the camera which I guess is somewhat good news. I bought the lens a little over a month ago so I took it back to the store. It's under Canon warranty, which is good, but guess who won't have her baby for the next 3-6 weeks? ME! Whaaaaaaaa!!!!! Seriously this hurts in so many ways. I had soo many shoots scheduled for the next 2 weeks which will have to be postponed. The lens my camera came with is not a great one. Okay for everyday pics but not photo shoots. This is really not cute. I have a pending shoot of 3 week old twin girls (really cute little girls by the way) which will be 6-9 weeks by the time I get it back! They'll be walking by then! I'm totally having a tantrum right now...I know. Okay, let me calm down and focus on the positive. I'm okay. My hubby's okay. My OTHER two children are okay (ha,ha).

(Oldy but a goody. Photo taken in March of this year, cousin's wedding)

Sorry I was gone for so long. I'll try and be better.


Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about your camera! I know the feeling - I practically have my camera attached to my eye. Take care! Michelle P.

Maritza said...

Wow, i'm so sorry. a fruit basket is on its way. LOL JK. Unfortunetly i don't know how you feel. I want to kick my camera and it hurt it the way it hurts me. Wow somebody needs therapy. Good luck, i hope you get it back sooner.

Ady said...

Oh, that really sucks... I can't wait to schedule my photo shoot... I'm so excited. You best get that lens soon.Hugz

Anonymous said...

What you do now??? How'd you break the thing??? I'd tell you you can borrow mine, but that's my baby too and it's too complicated for you any way.heeheehee It's not your canon that you are use to. Besides you won't be happy until you have yours. You know how to work miracles with your "girl". I've come to a conclusion...mine is a boy!It's stubborn...can't get the love to take the shot I want, when I want it! And when I least expect it, the darn thing does it right! Go figure! No it's not the photographer! I refuse to believe that! So what if I haven't read the WHOLE MANUAL! Too many pages! Still looking for the cliffnotes! hahahaha...seriously, sorry to hear your child is ill! But soon it will be good as new. If you need "JAM", you can borrow it!. Besitos! Ely

Damaris said... scared the crapper out of me when you told me this!!!!! LOL.
I agree with Maritza...YOU TOO NEED THERAPY. Maybe you two can get a discount if you both go together.